tow truckCar owners value their vehicle so much. When their cars stall or break down, the priority is to find efficient towing services to prevent further damage to the automobile. The services drivers look for are not limited to towing, but pulling the car to safety and making necessary repairs as well.

This can only be done by selecting the most capable car towing firms. Let’s be honest here… Not all towing companies are created equal.

Choosing a Towing Company

The car owner should find out about the rates for the service or if payment is required outright. There is a possibility that your insurance company will reimburse part or even all of the expense. A number of towing companies go to the extent of helping in the documentation that is required by the insurance providers.

Many service providers do not restrict their services to pulling stalled vehicles, but also offer roadside assistance. These firms are also capable of providing emergency support such as taking care of discharged batteries, replacing flat tires and refueling drained fuel drums. They will help to get all the contact details of the tow company that can provide you with the most efficient services.

Calling for these tow truck brings your automobile to the nearest repair facility. The reason could be an accident or collision, but not limited to this since towing services are needed in other situations such as attending to vehicles being repossessed by collection agencies, banks and other creditors.

Types of Tow Trucks

There are different kinds of tow trucks which can perform these services. The hook and chain, flat bed and wheel lift models. Hook and chain trucks make use of chains that are wrapped around the stalled vehicle’s axis or scaffold. However, this can result to unnecessary damage as it is not meant for new vehicles, but for units that have been dented in an accident or those that do not have steel bumpers, front and back wheels. This equipment is seldom used nowadays.

Small town towing companies frequently employ the wheel lift tow trucks, which are simple to chain and employ a metal harness instead of a shackle. This crossbar is clipped to the front or back tires of the vehicle to be towed. The front or the rear portion of the vehicle is raised from the ground by using a hydraulic pulley.

Flatbed or rollback tow trucks are equipped with an empty base at the back of the truck. With the use of hydraulics, it can lean back to form a ramp. The vehicle can be driven to the flatbed or a lifter can be used to pull it onto the truck. Flatbed tow trucks are the favored method for hauling vehicles since they do not place pressure on the vehicle or drag it for a long period.

Consider safety measures when choosing a small town towing service in order to prevent unnecessary damages and loss of lives, destruction to vehicles or unwarranted accidents. Make sure that car lights and flashers are turned on and working, particularly in roads where the volume of traffic is heavy. There are also regulations that are being implemented according to state and federal laws. The bottom line is to follow these regulations.