Electrocution and other electrical related accidents are more likely to happen in a manufacturing milieu with machines. This continues to be the top cause of problems in a work area. This is why companies have been mandated to follow work safety standards.

The threats of electrical accidents do not only endanger the life of workers but also poses a threat on the investments of the company. Electrical problems may cause hazards like fire which is way too much to handle. So to avoid these problems from happening, here are some of the electrical safety guides that every staff member should follow.

Proper Maintenance

The first thing to ever do is to schedule a maintenance deal. A specific schedule will help organize everything. This is also a good step in order to induce awareness to the staffs that there are sections of the work milieu affected by the maintenance to avoid confusion.

When handling maintenance and repair, the staff should see to it that all of the electrical lines are turned off. Since machine tools are made up of metals and electrical lines can run through it, there is a big chance that it will cause electric shock if touched.

A specific schedule may already call the attention of the workers about maintenance but there will also be a need to put up signs especially on power outlets in order to avoid accidental switching. Most accidents in work places happen because staffs tend to turn switches on never knowing that someone is working.

Machine Guard Safety

Proper Safety Training

On the side of the staff on the other hand, proper outfit should be worn to avoid getting caught in problems. These outfits should not only be worn during maintenance tasks but also everyday as there will always be a threat when it comes to electric outlets. Wear leather boots to prevent getting electrocuted while stepping into open wires. Protective gloves may also come handy.

There are also some things that staff should avoid wearing. One is jewelries. Aside from jewelries possibly getting caught in machines, these are made of metals too that would turn out to cause much damage once in contact with an open electric field.

Of course, wearing protective shields will do a lot in preventing electrocution but it will also help to maintain organization in the workplace. Never let cables and wires go scattered on floors. Have it tidied up away from the usual paths of workers. If there are spillages, have it dried up instantly. Spillages conducts electricity fast that it can cause instant damages in an instant it is stepped. Aside from workers handling machines, it would help to hire utility personnel to clear the area.

There is so much to remember to maintain the safety inside a workplace especially when working with large machines. Yet, all of these should be taken by heart to avoid accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Act are mandated to bring safety in the workplace. Aside from the handy tips on electrical problem prevention, read on this act to have additional knowledge in maintaining a safe workplace.